Opportunities for producer-driven revitalisation of southern rangelands

New alliances and innovations in livestock management are creating real opportunities for sustainable business development in the northern WA beef industry.

Landscape literacy improved for rangeland land managers

Land managers across the southern rangelands had the opportunity recently to increase their landscape reading skill development through a series of two-day workshops

Broome kicks butts with new approach to marine debris

A litter and pollution source reduction workshop was held in Broome late last year, encouraging the community to tackle litter release at its source.

Fitzroy Catchment stakeholders seek optimal development

Two workshops have recently been held to explore opportunities to optimise potential interest and investment in the Fitzroy Catchment in Western Australia’s Kimberley region

Improved fire regime plan for Yarrie Station

Experts have recently visited pastoral stations in the Pilbara and Kimberley to assist with new fire planning.

Workshop shares alternative grazing approaches

A workshop demonstrating alternative approaches to total grazing management and feed budgeting was held in December for interested pastoralists

Rangers gather to learn and practice cane toads management

Twenty people from three ranger groups took part in a Cane Toad Ranger workshop held in Fitzroy Crossing in November to gain a better understanding of the approaching pest species

Enhancing the sustainable management of the WA rangelands though facilitation, collaboration and delivering outcomes.