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Agricultural Pioneer to give field day talks in WA Rangelands

22 August 2012

Rangelands NRM is hosting a series of three field days by Agricultural Pioneer Peter Andrews, in the WA Rangelands this month.

Mr Andrews will present his theories on sustainable agricultural systems to interested landholders at three talks in the Murchison, the Pilbara and the Kimberley.

Mr Tim Wiley, Pilbara Coordinator for Rangelands NRM said Peter Andrews has gained fundamental insights to the natural functioning of the Australian landscape that leave him almost without peer.

“Peter Andrews is acknowledged as having converted his degraded high-salinity land at Tarwyn Park in NSW into a fertile, drought-resistant estate,” Mr Wiley said.

“His process, known as the Natural Sequence Farming method is based on the principle of reintroducing natural landscape patterns and processes that increase fertility and drought resistance as they would have existed in Australia prior to European settlement.”

Mr Andrews’ methods have generated considerable debate in the research field over the past years and his studies have had greater focus on high-rainfall areas of Australia. These workshops will give WA Rangeland landholders the opportunity to hear his theories, ask questions and openly debate specific issues and challenges faced in the WA Rangelands.

Interested landholders are invited to attend a field day in their region:

Murchison field day
Wednesday 29 August, 1.00pm – 5.00pm
Hosted by Rangelands Fibre and Produce Association
Kirkalocka Station, 60 Km south of Mt Magnet on the Great Northern Highway
Contact: Anne Pilkington 99 635 827, Jorgen Jensen 99 634 839 or Tim Wiley 0488 159 21 mailto:21tjtjwiley2@bigpond.com

Pilbara field day
Friday 31 August, 12.30pm – 5.00pm
Hosted by DeGray LCDC
Yarrie Station homestead, East Pilbara Shire
Contact: Tim Wiley 0488 159 921 tjtjwiley2@bigpond.com or Annabelle Coppin, 9176 4944 annabelle.coppin@gmail.com

Kimberley field day
Monday 3 September, 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
Hosted by the West Kimberley LCDC
Liveringa Station, West Kimberley
Contact: Peter Kneebone, 0419 904 030, pkkneebone@bigpond.com or Mel McDonald, 9191 7206, melaniem@rangelandswa.com.au



Natural Sequence Farming
Over 30 years ago, Peter Andrews bought a run-down 2000 acre grazing property called Tarwyn Park, near Bylong in the Upper Hunter Valley. He then quietly set about testing the theories that he had been developing since he was a child, and by 1976 he claimed that the model he had set up on Tarwyn Park was an example of a sustainable agricultural system. His model ‘Natural Sequence Farming’ is based on the principle of reintroducing natural landscape patterns and processes as they would have existed in Australia prior to European settlement. His has written two books, ‘Beyond the Brink’ and ‘Back to the Brink’.

Mr Andrews’ model restores the natural flow patterns of water across the landscape, reconnecting the stream to its flood plain, which would reintroduce a more natural hydrological and fertility cycle to that landscape.

Through a managed succession of the vegetation, the natural fluvial pattern could be ‘redeveloped’, so that nutrients and biomass remain in place throughout the property.

More information can be found at http://www.naturalsequencefarming.com/

Rangelands NRM
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