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April Science talk to focus on snubfin dolphin research

[March 2014]

Onshore dolphins is the topic of the second ‘Science on the Broome Coast’ talks that will take place at Broome Public Library on 9 April 2014 from 7-8pm.

The talks are being run by the Roebuck Bay Working Group (RBWG) in partnership with Nyamba Yawuru Buru.

The April talk features PhD researcher Alex Brown who will explain his research findings on the Australian snubfin dolphin.

“Alex is an outstanding photographer and scientist so the images you will see of Snubfin dolphins in Cygnet Bay and Roebuck Bay will be exceptional and very special, RBWG Project manager,” Kandy Curran said.

Future science topics in the program include jellyfish and turtles, the dinosaurs trackways on Broome’s coast, how stormwater and groundwater can impact Lyngbya blooms, what the predictions are for cyclones and storm surges in Broome from a changing climate and how Broome’s new coastal conservation estates and Marine Park will be managed.

The community science talks are being sponsored by Inspiring Australia and Rangelands RNRM.

For more information, contact Kandy Curran by email. Visit the RBWG Facebook page.

Image: Snubfin dolphin (©Jenny Smith, Murdoch University Cetacean Unit)