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Are you influencing natural resource management in the Fitzroy River catchment, Kimberley WA?

Researchers are studying how organisations involved in natural resource management (NRM) are collaborating with each other in the Fitzroy River Catchment of the Kimberley.

A team from the National Environmental Research Program (NERP) are contacting organisations who work in any aspect of NRM in the Fitzroy catchment in the Kimberley to learn more about which organisations they work with on NRM activities.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Jorge Alvarez-Romero from NERP Northern Australia said the information will be used to map social networks and study collaboration between organisations participating in NRM projects relevant to the Fitzroy River catchment.

“It is very important to get the input of all organisations with a stake in NRM in the region, so that their networks are well represented,” he said. This will make the results of the study more relevant and useful for everyone.

People who participate in the survey will benefit from a better understanding of the networks available to them, and how to better access or share information and other resources to improve NRM.

Dr Jorge said the results will also be useful to facilitate engagement with stakeholders and identify ways to enable collaboration.

If you would like to participate you can contact Jorge Alvarez-Romero or Vanessa Adams.  Or visit the following link to find out more about the project or to undertake the survey.

Image: Map of the catchment Fitzroy catchment (© NERP)