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Australian Rangelands Conference 23-27 Sept 2012

The Australian Rangeland Society (ARS) Conference will be held in Kununurra 23-27 September 2012. Key staff from Rangelands NRM will be attending and Tim Wiley will be giving a presentation on carbon farming.

The theme for the upcoming Conference is ‘celebrating diversity: people, places, purpose’. Proposed topics for discussion include:
  • strategic land and water use planning in northern Australia
  • balancing pastoral, tourism, mining and conservation uses in the rangelands
  • Indigenous land use and management
  • latest techniques in grazing, biodiversity, fire and carbon management
  • new science for rangeland management in a multiple use framework
  • case studies in land restoration and land use change
Delegates will be able to attend one of four field trips:
  1. ‘Kings in Grass Castles” (pastoral management). Visit the savanna country and river frontage grasslands of Newry station; discuss grazing management to meet the needs of different land systems and vegetation types. We will also visit the Zebra Rock mine and the NT / WA Border Quarantine Station.
  2. ‘Keeping Country” (conservation management). Get off the beaten track to see and discuss issues around fire management, biodiversity and Indigenous stewardship. Talk about addressing the challenges of fire, feral animals and weeds in conserving one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots and enhancing a timeless culture into a modern era. Discuss techniques based on the melding of new research and traditional Indigenous practices.
  3. ‘Realising the Northern Dream” (agriculture and horticulture). Visit the Ord Stage 2 project to see current developments in irrigated agriculture in northern Australia. See the investment in tropical agriculture, planning and land and water resource development. Discuss the environmental challenges and the issues around delivering a social dividend.
  4. “Experience Extraordinary” (tourism). Join a day cruise on the Ord River between Kununurra, the Ord River dam and Lake Argyle. See a plethora of native flora and fauna, and view a massive inland sea from a scenic lookout. See how Australia’s largest freshwater lake of 2000 square km and its unique ecosystem has formed the basis of a tourism economy.

Visit the conference website for more information.

Download the conference program (pdf)