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Banjima Rangers Bilby Monitoring

Working in partnership with Banjima Country Management (BCM), Rangelands NRM has enabled the Banjima Rangers to set up and deploy a series of motion cameras to gain a better understanding of bilby populations around the Fortescue Marsh (Manggurdu), with funding support from the National Landcare Program.

The Banjima Rangers are already collaborating with WA Parks and Wildlife (DBCA), who are implementing a range of Bilby threat reduction measures, including actions funded by a biodiversity offset arrangement with one of the Pilbara mining companies. The complementary investment from Rangelands NRM is helping the rangers to build their capacities to continue to collaborate with other land managers to reduce threats to these small marsupials and plan future management strategies to help protect them.

Since deployment of the additional camera network BCM Rangers have not yet detected bilbies. However, the funding has enabled the rangers to compile data sets that show an abundance of feral cat, dog and rabbit populations in the Manggurdu area. This has enabled BCM rangers to advocate for and undertake future management projects, such as baiting programs and fire and weed management, to care for Banjima Country and tackle the ongoing impacts of feral animals and unmanaged wildfire.

Rangelands NRM’s support has also allowed BCM to grow the new and establishing Banjima Ranger teams, ensuring that Banjima can continue to build their capacity to deliver these valuable conservation actions.

For more information on the project, visit www.bntac.org.au