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Board and Staff changes

Gearing for growth and diversification, Rangelands NRM is driving its mandate to deliver an impact-investment model based on a range of diversified commercial activities, with the aim to fund future activities in the WA rangelands.

Instrumental in the diversification strategy was a refresh of the Board of Directors, based on skills and credentials, delivering a well-balanced Board with commercial and regional NRM experience:

Director Role Brief
Andrew Whitmarsh Chair Managing Director – Agribusiness – pastoral properties in the rangelands region
Robert Edkins Vice Chair Managing Director – Food & Fibre industry, NRM background
Saliba Sassine Director Merchant Banker, ASX, Entrepreneur
Robin Romero Director Lawyer and CPA – Resource sector
Peter Long Director Mayor of Karratha – rangelands region
Catherine Marriott Director Chief Executive Officer – Agribusiness sector, NRM, rangelands region
John Carlson Director Managing Director – Media Communications industry

After many years of service, we bid farewell to Dr Regina Flugge and Mike Clark. We thank them for their service and wish them well in their future endeavours.

Rangelands NRM is an invested organisation, underpinned by a methodology of collaboration across a broad landscape to deliver successful quality planning and project management with a highly experience and dedicated team. We have formed and continue to form strong relationships in the region at various levels including community, traditional owners, industry, community-based delivery organisations, government and other key stakeholders.

In July we also said goodbye to Program Manager Kane Watson. Stepping into his shoes is Joy Sherlock who began on 1 October. Additionally, we welcome Hilary Wilkins and Ellie Summers who are based in our Broome office. Hilary will be taking the reins of the Dampier Peninsula Fire Project and Ellie will be working as Project Officer/RALF. And, Jardine Macdonald has stepped in to the role of Program Manager in the northern rangelands.