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Camel Pitter demonstration for Mt Magnet Pastoralists

The finer points of calibrating and operating a Camel Pitting machine were demonstrated to members of the Mt. Magnet based Rangelands Fibre and Produce group, at Yoweragabbie Station this month during a workshop sponsored by Rangelands NRM.

Fifteen pastoralists representing seven properties braved 40OC temperatures and were shown by host and group convenor, Jorgen Jensen, how to set up and operate the machine, to maximise its effectiveness as land rehabilitation tool.

A camel pitter is a towed disked implement with a seeding box, which creates regular, shallow depressions in hard, bare soil; allowing soil, water and seed to be trapped. This increases the odds of plants successfully germinating and establishing.

The Rangelands Fibre and Produce group were recently successful in obtaining funding through Rangelands NRM’s Sustainable Pastoralism program to purchase a second hand camel pitting machine, and buy seed for plant species found in land systems present on member’s properties.

Mr Jensen said group members participating in the project have identified areas of concern on their properties that they believe the camel pitter and, in some cases, reseeding will assist to recover. Total Grazing Pressure will be controlled on treated areas until plants are well established.

“The aim is to improve plant cover and reduce surface water run – off, thereby improving range condition and productivity,” Mr Jensen said.

For further information contact Jorgen Jensen (Convenor – Rangelands Fibre and Produce group) mobile 0427 634 223, or Paul Erkelenz (Regional Landcare Facilitator – Southern Rangelands), mobile 0428 393 206.