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Carbon awareness rangelands project gathers momentum

Gathering leaf litter, assessing landscape function and collecting soil samples are just some of the components trialled as part of the carbon demonstration site protocols for the Rangelands NRM component of the Royalties for Regions Carbon Awareness Program last week.

The Rangelands NRM carbon team – Jane Bradley, Peter Russell and Tim Wiley – have been crunching the data and determining the sites that will be set up as carbon demonstrations sites in the WA Rangelands for 2013.

Jane Bradley, Program Manager (Southern Rangelands) said part of this process has been the development of a comprehensive site assessment protocol which the team trialled just east of Geraldton in early March 2013.

“The data gathered at demonstration sites over the life of the project will add to the increasing body of work that has been undertaken to benchmark above and below ground carbon stocks in the WA Rangelands,” Ms Bradley said.

“Rod O’Bree kindly agreed to let the team trial the protocols on his property, Yanget, where he has been working with wife Bridie over the last four years to improve the condition of the property based on natural sequence farming principles.”

The first demonstration site for 2013 will be located on Meka Station, north of Yalgoo in the Murchison.

“The Yalgoo Producer Group is setting up a trial site that will monitor the impact of managing total grazing pressure,” Ms Bradley said.

“The Rangelands NRM carbon demonstration will add value to this trial and will capture baseline data in a specific land system both inside and outside the trial site.”

For further information on the Rangelands NRM Carbon Awareness Program contact Jane Bradley, Program Manager (Southern Rangelands) on 08 9964 8239 or janeb@rangelandswa.com.au.