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Carbon Farming Demos

In 2013 Rangelands NRM began to take expressions of interest from groups of pastoralists who were interested in host a carbon farming demonstration site as part of its Carbon Awareness Program.

Demonstration sites were established in 2013 for a project which runs until 2016.

Criteria for demonstration site hosts:

  • prepared to manage the site for >5 years under a modified management system
  • seen as an innovator in the district, and who has the trust and respect of the community
  • prepared to keep good records to enable a case study of the site to be developed over the course of the project, and beyond
  • prepared to share ESRM information with the group
  • prepared to host field days and workshops at the site and
  • part of an established, active group.

Criteria for demonstration sites:

  • be in a relatively common land system for the district
  • have an ESRM, EMU or similar plan already in place
  • be a land system that has the capacity to improve C storage in the landscape
  • have good road access and high visibility.

Demonstration sites will have comprehensive data collected and modelled on carbon sequestration and other biophysical attributes.