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Carnarvon pastoral stations cooperate to manage wild dogs

[October 2015]

Four workshops to involve pastoral station managers in a regional wild dog management operational plan were recently held in the Murchison, Upper Gascoyne, Shark Bay and Carnarvon areas.

Aiming to provide the pastoral community with the latest management information and best practice, the workshops were coordinated by the Carnarvon Rangelands Biosecurity Association (CRBA) with support by Rangelands NRM through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, and significant input from the Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA).

The workshops saw 61 participants in total, including 45 station representatives, discuss how to coordinate wild dog management across the CRBA area to best utilise resources with a regional landscape-scale approach.

Seven of the Licenced Pest Management Technicians contracted by the CRBA to undertake on-ground wild dog trapping and baiting also contributed their local knowledge.

Trap setting demonstrations were provided by the technicians, resulting in one dog being trapped a few days after one of the workshops.

Representatives from Bush Heritage, the Department of Parks and Wildlife, local government and Rangelands NRM were also active participants in the workshops.

Jim Miller from DAFWA facilitated the workshops and contributed his expertise on best practice for wild dog control and preparation of maps.

Justin Steadman, chairperson of the CRBA said it was heartening to see the time and effort put in from all participants.

“Managing wild dogs is a regional problem that requires commitment and coordinated effort from all property managers in the Carnarvon RBA region,” he said.

The workshop participants raised some good questions about implementing best practice for wild dog management on their own stations, and each station also completed their own individual wild dog property plans at the workshop.

The CRBA will now prepare the regional wild dog management operational plan that will contain detailed operational plans for ground and aerial baiting programs, and will have clear maps showing areas covered by each Licenced Pest Management Technician.

Mr Steadman said holding the workshop over two days also provided an additional benefit of everyone being able to spend some social time together.

“This is really important in such a large region, it certainly helps facilitate knowledge sharing,” he said.


1) Shark Bay (Meedo Station) wild dog workshop

2) Murchison settlement workshop.