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Declared weed aerial survey undertaken

An aerial survey for declared weeds was undertaken in June 2017 in targeted sections of the West Pilbara to assess the effectiveness of control work. The helicopter survey, which took two days and 17 flying hours, was conducted by the Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee..

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News: High tech solution to prickly problem

A new app, appropriately named SPIKEY, has been launched today to solve the prickly problem of identifying spinifex grasses (Triodia). While they look much the same to most of us, spinifex grasses are some of the most diverse, abundant and ecologically important plants in..

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Improved fire regime planned for Yarrie

L) Annabelle Coppin undertakes some strategic patch burning after some late summer rains finally come to a parched Yarrie Station (Pilbara northeast); Annabelle is following her recently complete Yarrie 2017 Burn Plan, which Sarah Legge assisted her to develop and funded by Rangelands NRM (NLP). (A.Coppin, Yarrie Station)

[Jan-Feb 2017] Experts have recently visited pastoral stations in the Pilbara and Kimberley to assist with new fire planning. Although many pastoralists have always had fire plans, there is limited support for pastoral stations to tackle the often vexed question of the future management..

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