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Five years of quoll monitoring in the Pilbara

Long-term monitoring of threatened quolls in the Pilbara is helping to better understand their ecology and distribution. Gathering quality data is enabling scientists to also create better tools to inform management decisions. The Pilbara Northern Quoll Monitoring Project has been run by the Department..

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Yarrie Station kicks off pilot Land for Wildlife program

Rangelands NRM are in the process of rolling out a tailored and locally relevant ‘Land for Wildlife’ pilot program in the WA rangelands. The pilot program will provide the opportunity for land managers to better integrate conservation values into a productive pastoral/grazing system. “In..

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Noogoora Burr infestation tackled in Pilbara

Following detection of an infestation of Noogoora Burr on the DeGrey River, a joint management program was commenced to stop it from spreading. Noogoora Burr is one of the most serious and widespread weeds in the world. It is poisonous to stock at the..

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