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Celebrate the Bay Day film

The award winning Roebuck Bay Working Group (RBWG) have produced a new film that captures the passion of the Broome community for Roebuck Bay, which is home to rare dolphins, thousands of shorebirds that migrate to Roebuck Bay to feed on the trillions of invertebrates in the mudflats, seagrass meadows, mangroves, lots of fish, dugongs, turtles, crocodiles, pearls and much much more.

The film which was funded by Rangelands NRM, follows Celebrate the Bay, which was held during Science Week in August 2012 on the shore of Roebuck Bay.

“The message from the Celebrate the Bay film is that we all have a role in looking after Roebuck Bay and doing our best to reduce blooms of Lyngbya, with some very easy changes that can be made in everyday life to look after the Ramsar and Heritage Listed wetland,” said Kandy Currans, Project Coordinator for the Roebuck Bay Working Group.

“These changes include reducing the amount of fertiliser, garden waste, sewerage, pindan soil and chemicals from entering Broome’s stormwater drains which discharge into Roebuck Bay.”

The film, is being aired on Goolarri Television over the next six months.

“A big thanks to Rangelands NRM for funding such a great initiative,” Ms Currans said.

For more information, contact Kandy Currans at the Roebuck Bay Working Group.


[Watch the video]