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CFI carbon offsets in the WA rangelands

[October 2012]

Earlier this year, Rangelands NRM ran a number of ‘Carbon Farming Initiative’ (CFI) workshops to inform landholders in the rangelands on the issues relating to the opportunities, barriers and risks of Carbon offsets from land based CFI projects.

The workshops were held between February and June in Carnarvon, Kununurra, Broome, Marble Bar, Murchison Settlement, Mt Magnet, and Kalgoorlie.

Rangelands NRM Pilbara Project Officer Tim Wiley presented the 3-4 hour session with assistance from our Landcare Facilitators. Topics covered:

  • UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol
  • Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) and associated legislation
  • Carbon price and government policies
  • Carbon offset activities for rangelands
  • Land tenure and Carbon Rights
  • Economics of Carbon offsets in the rangelands
  • Native Title economics
  • Carbon research

Attendees were also provided with web page links to further information.

The seminars provided a formal, in-depth information and awareness session that responded to enquiries from pastoralists and producer groups across the rangelands in relation to opportunities for carbon offsets.

Informal feedback indicated that the seminar improved the understanding of the issues for people who attended, and that people are keen to be involved.

Questions arose relating to carbon rights ownership, such as carbon rights on pastoral leases, Native Title, and carbon rights.  There were also questions about what specific activities would be viable on their properties, the cost, and likely returns from projects.  Many of these questions will require further responses once further clarity is available. Participants were keen to receive follow up information when additional research has been conducted and legislation issues are resolved.

The seminar series was a valuable exercise and has helped to ensure that land managers are better informed to make decisions relating to the CFI.  Land managers and others are keen to continue to learn about opportunities but seek more practical information about how to progress the opportunities.

Photo: (L-R) Kylie Bishop of South Coast NRM, Carol Mann from Regional Development Australia and Tim Wiley at the ‘Carbon offsets for the rangelands’ seminar at Kalgoorlie.

For more information, contact Tim Wiley.