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Christmas Creek Rangelands Regeneration

Historically, overstocking and continuous uncontrolled grazing has led to clay pans forming on various properties in the Christmas Creek Catchment along with out sub-catchments of the Fitzroy River. The clay pans have little or no groundcover so water does not infiltrate, meaning it rapidly runs towards the creeks and rivers causing erosion.

Over the last three years, different methods of regenerating clay plan country to increase infiltration and groundcover have been trialled at Larrawa Station. After two years of minimal success, an expert in waterponding was brought in from NSW and waterponding on Larrawa increased groundcover by 20 per cent over one wet season.

A field day was held in April 2012 to share the techniques and results with other pastoralists. Three pastoralists have now committed to work together to share costs to undertake similar work.


Larrawa Station, Christmas Creek Station, Bulka Station, Department of Agriculture, Meat & Livestock Australia

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Mel McDonald, Landcare Facilitator (North), Broome