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Climate Change Fund provides for ongoing review of regional plan

[May 2013]

Rangelands NRM has been awarded a total of $475,600 over five years as part of the Commonwealth Government’s Regional Natural Resource Management Planning for Climate Change Fund.

The Rangelands NRM project will work in conjunction with an ongoing review of the regional plan, to assess the suitability of the current plan, identify areas for further development and, through a community engagement model, provide a document that has climate change and the carbon economy fully integrated into the regional plan.

General Manager of Rangelands NRM, Dr Brian Warren said this will provide the structure and available data so that on ground NRM activities are directed by the best available science.

This approach will ensure that the greatest NRM benefit is derived from the carbon economy and any potential negative impacts are minimised.

“The revised plan will provide clear guidance for carbon project developments in the region,” Dr Warren said.

The Commonwealth Government is providing a total of $43.9m over five years to support the 54 regional natural resource management (NRM) organisations to revise existing regional NRM plans. These will help to help identify where in the landscape biodiversity plantings and carbon abatement activities should be undertaken, and utilise climate change impact information and scenarios to guide land use planning.