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Coordinated activity to treat Parkinsonia in upper Fortescue

[May 2013]

Stakeholders from industry, NRM, government, community and pastoral leasees committed to develop a coordinated plan of action to treat Parkinsonia in the upper Fortescue catchment when they met in Newman during April.

Representatives from the Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee (PMMC), Roy Hill Iron Ore (RHIO), Fortescue Metals Group (Fortescue), Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA), Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and Rangelands NRM  agreed that coordinated activity will be the best way to treat the Parkinsonia problem (a Declared Weed) in the upper Fortescue River catchment.

Rangelands NRM Pilbara Program Manager, Bill Cotching said the group are keen to use the proposed document describing a coordinated program to inspire their respective leadership groups to invest in funding future work.

The representatives presented updates on their recent activities to manage Parkinsonia on the Upper Fortescue and agreed that all areas under management require on-going retreatment in order to kill emerging new plants and plants missed in previous coverage.

RHIO and Fortescue committed to a control program in 2013 using either company staff or contractors and Traditional Owners and all are enthusiastic about involving Traditional Owners in working on country.

Roy Hill station will also contribute to the management program and finance from the PMMC and Pilbara Corridors project will be made available to boost resources.

All representatives agreed to share data so that the PMMC can produce a combined map product illustrating the areas of Parkinsonia occurrence and treatment.

The next meeting of group will be held in late October 2013 with update of progress and mapped data to be presented.