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Dampier Peninsula Fire Making a Difference

The Dampier Peninsula Fire Working Group met at the end of November for their annual end of season review workshop.  Rangelands NRM is funded through a State NRM grant to provide co-ordination and administration support to the Group, whose aim is to improve fire management practices on the Dampier Peninsula.

This year’s workshop had a great turnout with over 25 attendees representing ranger groups and traditional owners, the Kimberley Land Council, local and state government, not-for-profit environmental groups, the pastoral and mining industries.

After a report from each group on their work during the year, the firescar results for the year were presented and the group discussed what was planned, achieved, and whether it made a difference.  The group was really pleased to see evidence of objectives being met and having a positive impact on the environmental outcomes of right way fire.

Outcomes included: reducing the percentage of annual fire extent being caused by mid-late dry season fires by more than 30% compared to the baseline; decreasing the average distance from burnt to unburnt areas compared to the baseline, and making great progress towards increased extent of long unburnt vegetation.

All of this contributes towards achieving a fine mosaic pattern with differing ages of and distance to burnt and unburnt vegetation, which provides a healthy natural habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna.