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Department of Parks and Wildlife call for public to record sightings of endangered bilbies

[June 2014]

The Department of Parks and Wildlife have released a poster detailing information of signs of the threatened bilby.

Parks and Wildlife are keen for members of the public to contribute to the conservation of this species.

The Bilby (Macrotis lagotis) is a nocturnal, burrowing marsupial with large ears, soft, blue-grey fur, a long pointed snout and a black tail with a white tip.

The animal can be up to 55 cm long with a tail up to 29 cm long.

Once found across most of arid and semi-arid Australia, the bilby is now only found in the Pilbara, Kimberley, north-western deserts in Western Australia and Northern Territory, and an isolated population in south-west Queensland.

The presence of bilbies can be identified by large, high-arched burrows, distinctive tracks and scats, as well as diggings that are usually at the base of Acacia (wattle) shrubs to access grubs in the roots.

The poster provides images of these signs and of the bilby and its previous and current distribution.

Parks and Wildlife is undertaking research on bilbies in the Pilbara. This aims to survey where bilbies are in the Pilbara and to develop long-term monitoring of the species.

If you see bilbies or their signs, or have historical information, visit http://naturemap.dpaw.wa.gov.au/threatenedfauna and upload your records, locations and photos. Alternatively email threatenedfauna@dpaw.wa.gov.au or phone (08) 9405 5100.

If you would like an A2 poster to put up at your work, school, information centre or business, then please contact threatenedfauna@dpaw.wa.gov.au.

Image: ©Bert & Babs Wells