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Discussions for more effective feral cat management and control

[May-June 2016]

Key stakeholders met in May to share knowledge and create synergies across organisations and boundaries for more effective feral cat management and control.

WA’s Natural Resource Management Groups (NRMWA) hosted the Feral Cat Round Table which was held at Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre on 13 May with around 40 attendees.

Feral cats pose a huge threat to the biodiversity of WA rangelands, particularly reptiles, birds and mammals.

Rangelands NRM Operations Manager John Silver said the meeting aimed to encourage greater on ground action and collaboration, an increased community buy-in and facilitated changes in Acts and Legislation.

œI increased my knowledge about the potential of the ˜Feral Scan App’, which is well under-utilised in the rangelands region, he said.

œThe app could be an important tool to raise awareness and monitor the location and distribution a range of feral animals including feral cats, wild dogs, feral pigs, cane toads, camels and other introduced species which have naturalised.

Mr Silver said he was impressed by people’s commitment to the cause and willingness to be part of the solution.

œIn particular, it was great to hear from Mike Butcher from Animal Pest Management Services and Scott Thompson from Terrestrial Ecosystems who provided valuable perspectives from the practitioner’s point of view.


FeralCatScan is a new project by the Invasive Animals CRC and Australian Government Department of the Environment, and is supported by communities Australia-wide to improve knowledge about feral cats to help protect Australia’s threatened wildlife.

‘Feral cats’ are defined as those that live and reproduce in the wild (e.g. forests, woodlands, grasslands, wetlands etc) and survive by hunting or scavenging – None of their needs are satisfied intentionally by humans.

Visit http://www.feralscan.org.au for more information and iTunes or Google Play to download the App.

Image: Rangelands NRM’s Kieran Massie (L) and John Silver (R) with Sam Dutton from the Office of the Threatened Species Commissioner