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Eight WA rangelands groups receive 25th Anniversary Landcare grants

[December 2014]

Almost 300 community groups and individuals across Australia, including eight from the rangelands of WA, will share in $5 million to enable communities to take practical action as part of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, and Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, announced the successful projects under the 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants 2014-15 round on 18 December.

“Funding under the 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants will support farmers, Indigenous and community groups, including Landcare, to enhance the environment and improve management of our natural resource base,” Minister Hunt said.

A total of 291 projects will receive funding of between $5000 and $22 000. Of these, 148 projects will have a strong agricultural focus and 143 will focus on delivering positive environmental outcomes.

“These grants are focused on engaging the community to deliver local environmental and agricultural projects which will have lasting benefits for the environment and productive agricultural landscapes,” Minister Joyce said.

Those that are located in the WA rangelands include:

Rangelands NRM Co-ordinating Group (Inc.) (Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation – Ranger Group) ‘Nyangumarta – Protecting Assets Around Ramsar 80 Mile Beach’. This project will support the developing Nyangumarta Ranger Group to undertake trips on country to carry out surveys, clean up cultural sites and establish a works program for ongoing management of key assets on, and in the vicinity of, the Ramsar-listed 80 Mile Beach in WA. Working in collaboration with key partners, this project will facilitate 10 trainee Nyangumarta Rangers to undertake a biodiversity survey, remove rubbish and control weeds (including Weeds of National Significance) that will reduce threats to key cultural and environmental assets in the area.

Meekatharra Rangelands Biosecurity Association Inc. ‘Walloping a WoNS at Windimurra’. This project will work with the Meekatharra Rangelands Biosecurity Association to eradicate isolated Parkinson. infestation’s that are the present on Windimurra Station. Eradication will be achieved through mapping the 200ha infestation, spraying all individuals, on-going monitoring, and undertaking follow-up treatment if required.

Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee Inc ‘Pilbara Pastoral Region – Protecting Against the Weed Invasion’. This project will progress the eradication of two geographically separate weed threats in the Pilbara. In the East Pilbara, the project will work with neighbouring land managers to eradicate a discrete infestation of Parkinsonia located on the Fortescue River. This will reduce the threat to the internationally recognised Fortescue Marshes, renowned as a vital breeding habitat for migratory birds. In the West Pilbara, the project will undertake wider surveillance and follow-up treatment of the largest (and only recently discovered) infestation of Coral Cactus in the Pilbara. This infestation of Coral Cactus has been under intense management for 12 months and the project will increase land manager capacity to aim for eradication.

ORD Land and Water Incorporated ‘Control and Survey of Lantana in the Ord River Irrigation Area’. This project will map for the first time the distribution of Lantana (a Weed of National Significance) on small agricultural and rural/residential blocks just north of Kununurra in WA, where its density and distribution is beginning to substantially increase. The project will then initiate a control program, in partnership with landholders, as a component of an ongoing program of control. The project aims to restrict the distribution of the weed to this one area in the East Kimberley and to reduce the density of the weed, with the longer term aim of preventing further spread and eradicating it from the area.

Kimberley Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (Nyikina Mangala Rangers) ‘Kimberley Nyikina-Mangala Rangers Protecting Wiliji Black-Footed Rock-Wallaby’. This project will engage the Nyikina Mangala Rangers to undertake specific recovery plan actions to identify the extent of black-footed rock-wallabies in two crucial populations. Surveys will inform state and national threatened species databases, the Nyikina Mangala Healthy Country Plan and regional NRM plans. Ranger training will be via a two-way approach formally including traditional ecological knowledge of threatened rock-wallabies and other species in this habitat (e.g. Northern Quoll), alongside science. TEK will be recorded and shared through the community via digital technologies.

Parna Ngururrpa (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC ‘Ngururrpa – Biodiversity Survey’. This project will assist the Ngururrpa traditional owners to undertake a biodiversity survey on their country, with support from consultant scientists. The project will support the maintenance and transfer of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge, and two-way knowledge sharing. The knowledge and skills gained through this survey will help leverage support for further on-ground management activities in line with Ngururrpa traditional owners’ aspirations as identified in their Management Plan.

Yamatji Marpla Aboriginal Corporation (Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation) ‘Nyangumarta IPA – Preserving and Sharing Indigenous Ecological Knowledge’. This project will increase participation of the Nyangumarta native title holders in sustainable resource management through the sharing of traditional knowledge relating to land management and caring for country. Three different versions of a field guide book will be produced, each with a different purpose: a) transfer of Indigenous ecological knowledge from Nyangumarta Elders to younger generations, including 10 rangers currently undergoing training in conservation and land management; b) providing reference materials for the Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation, the official Prescribed Body Corporate, and; c) transfer of non-sensitive information to visitors and tourists.

Shire of Yalgoo (Yalgoo Leading Practice Group) ‘Yalgoo Shire – Formally Establish Yalgoo Leading Practice’. This project will provide for a two day strategic planning workshop, the development of strategic plan, action plans for natural resource management on stations. Stakeholder collaboration and subsequent Leading practice will be support ongoing strategic planning, innovation and adaptation of capacity, consistent with community based natural resource management, market competitiveness and risk preparedness.

More information can be found at www.nrm.gov.au/national/25th-anniversary-landcare-grants