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Eleven projects in rangelands receive State NRM grants

[July-August 2016]

Eleven organisations in the rangelands of WA were successful in securing funds from the WA Government’s State Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program’s Community Capability Grants.

Announced on 28 June, 61 out of 88 applications across WA were successful, receiving a total of $6.34 million which will be distributed over two and a half years.

Rangelands NRM were successful in securing funds to enable ‘Landscape scale change in WA rangelands through community capability building’.

Rangelands NRM Operations Manager John Silver said throughout the rangelands of WA, people and resources are often over-stretched.

The enormous distances between people often makes communication and coordination of effort difficult, resulting in short-term project outputs being the focus as opposed to NRM initiatives which foster practice change and deliver outcomes, he said.

Through this project, Rangelands NRM will support the development of sustainable community-driven, long-term, landscape initiatives.

Linkages to other projects, initiatives, research and the leverage of other investment is at the core of the approach of this project.

Mr Silver said Rangelands NRM project staff are on hand to offer advice and assistance in writing grants, and workshops are sometimes held to provide training in grant writing.

Ten other organisations in the WA rangelands were also successful.

The award winning group Roebuck Bay Working Group (RBWG) was successful in securing funds which will support the existing Rangelands NRM project funds underway to increase the scope of works to manage threats in the Bay, working closely with Yawuru and the Department of Parks and Wildlife, the joint partners of the Nagulagun Roebuck Bay Marine Park.

Their project to ‘Improve understanding of the Ramsar values for Roebuck Bay through innovation’ will allow them to deliver a number of outstanding projects.

RBWG Project Manager Kandy Curran said the group is keen to improve the water quality of Roebuck Bay through screenings of the short film Gardens for Broome’s saltwater country, a Coastal Gardening book and free native plant giveaways.

“It makes a lot of sense in a town surrounded by the sea, to use a Coastal Gardening approach that keeps the productive waters free of toxic blooms of Lyngbya that thrive on nutrients from dissolved fertilisers, garden waste, animal faeces and sewerage, Ms Curran said.

The West Kimberley LCDC secured funds for ‘West Kimberley Landcare – a kickstart and a secure future’. This will enable the Kimberley Pilbara Cattleman’s Association to run leadership course for the Northern WA Beef Industry from 17-19 October 2016 in Broome.

Supported projects in the rangelands include:

  • Australian Wildlife Conservancy – Literacy and numeracy training for indigenous rangers – AWC’s Gowija Guardians
  • De Grey Land Conservation District Committee – Growing the Pilbara through coordination and partnerships
  • Desert Support Services (a subsidiary of Central Desert Native Title Services) – Indigenous Desert Alliance – Indigenous NRM capacity building project
  • Environs Kimberley Inc – Kimberley nature projects – facilitating effective and coordinated community conservation
  • Greening Australia (WA) Ltd – Developing Indigenous ranger teams as part of Pilbara Landscapes Restoration.
  • Madjulla Inc – Environmental scoping study Fitzroy River Nyikina Mangala Native Title Area.
  • Rangelands NRM – Landscape scale change in WA rangelands through community capability building.
  • Roebuck Bay Working Group Inc – Improved understandings/management of Ramsar values through innovative media/science/culture/governance initiatives.
  • Walalakoo Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC – Building Walalakoo’s cultural and Natural Resource Management capacity.
  • Yaburara and Coastal Mardudhunera Aboriginal Corporation – Marduthuni Rangers: Lower Fortescue River and Estuary land management program.
  • West Kimberley Land Conservation District Committee – West Kimberley Landcare ‘ a kickstart and a secure future.