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Final report and YouTube film showcase CfOC achievements

A great deal of work has been undertaken and coordinated by Rangelands NRM over the past four years of the Australian Government Caring for Our Country (CfOC) program.

A detailed report ‘Final Report – Caring for Our Country 2009-13’ has been produced and is available for download on our website.

In addition, a 25 minute film, highlighting the achievements was produced and shown at the Annual General Meeting on 6 November. The film is available to watch on our website via YouTube.

The report outlines the significant achievement of activities managed by Rangelands NRM against expected contribution to the CfOC targets, through a discussion of how well targeted evaluation questions have been addressed across most of the national priority areas.

The results have been determined through monitoring and evaluation of a series of measurement activities including review of activity logs, annual recording of monitoring sites, analysis of baseline data, interviews with stakeholders, and review of feedback forms from events and workshops.
Although CfOC was run over five years (2008/08 to 2012/13), the first year of the program was interim and discrete, with one year projects delivered, and these are not included in this report.