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Fire training well underway for Ngadju members

[November 2014]

Fire training is well underway for Ngadju members of the Dundas Rural Bushfire Brigade with both bush fire and structural training having been completed.

The fire training is one component of the Malleefowl and Invasive Weeds project Ngadju are involved with in conjunction with Gondwana Link and Rangelands NRM.

Brigade Captain David Graham said the group are looking forward to the GIS and mapping components and working with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), Dundas Shire and other stakeholders in the development of a 10 year regional fire strategy.

“Fire training to mitigate potential bush fires is even more important for us now following our Native Title settlement on 21 November,” Mr Graham said.

Ngadju Conservation Coordinator Les Schultz said he is delighted that the long term vision for Ngadju to manage their county has taken a big step forward with the Native Title settlement.

“We now have exclusive possession over some five million hectares of the Great Western Woodlands and mitigating fire impacts is one of our highest priorities,” Mr Schultz said.

Gondwana Link and Malleefowl and Invasive Weeds project manager Peter Price said he was thrilled that Ngadju’s connection to their ancestral land has finally been recognised.

“This presents a great opportunity for comprehensive management on a very significant and biologically rich section of southern western Australia, where Ngadju country transects the Great Western Woodlands end of Gondwana Link,” Mr Price said.

“Fire training through Macca Johnson at DFES and ongoing project support from Rangelands NRM (Southern Rangelands) program manager Jane Bradley and Gondwana Link is greatly appreciated and very important for our long term management aspirations and protection of the woodlands,” Mr Schultz said.

A conservation action plan is also being developed to identify conservation priority areas and long term management priorities and targets.

Image caption: Ngadju member Joybelle Schultz ˜mopping up’ (Image courtesy of Peter Price)