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First stage of mid-west rangelands parkinsonia project complete

[May 2015]

The Meekatharra Rangelands Biosecurity Association (MRBA), with financial support of nearly $50,000 from the Western Australian Government State NRM Program, recently completed the first stage of a project to eradicate a large, isolated infestation of Parkinsonia aculeate on Windimurra Station.

MRBA weed controlWindimurra Station is an abandoned pastoral lease located approximately 80 km east of Mount Magnet.

“Parky is a œWeed of National Significance” that if not controlled can spread quickly, displacing native vegetation and choking waterways with a dense, impenetrable thorny bush,” MRBA Chairman Ashley Dowden said.

On advice from the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia (DAFWA), the Parkinsonia infestation, which covers a 400 hectare network of creeks and channels, was treated with Access herbicide using the thinline method of application. This technique involves the treatment of the bottom 50’100 mm of the weed stem with a mixture of diesel and herbicide.

DAFWA’s contribution to the project included setting up ten control points from which the success of the treatment process will be measured both in the immediate term and over the next three years.

“While it is too early to judge the effectiveness of the project, the sprayers put in a great effort to locate and treat everything from seedlings to large bushes,” Mr Dowden said.

Federal Landcare funding of $20,000 has also been obtained by the MRBA for follow up treatment over the next twelve months.

The Meekatharra Rangelands Biosecurity Association (MRBA) is an industry body with a membership of all pastoralists (93 pastoral properties) in the Shires of Yalgoo, Mount Magnet, Cue.

The Association has been established under the Biosecurity and Agricultural Management Act 2007 to manage and control declared pests, both animal and plant.

Rangelands NRM provides funding for the management of the MRBA.

Image: Treatment of Parkinsonia aculeate on Windimurra Station. Photo courtesy of the Meekatharra Rangelands Biosecurity Association.