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Fortescue River field day – providing land management solutions

31 October 2012

Natural Sequence Farming, soil carbon sequestration, and the new Pilbara Corridors project will be the topics of discussion at an upcoming a field day in the Pilbara hosted by Rangelands NRM.
Held at Yalleen Station and Millstream National Park on Tuesday 13 November 2012, the day is open to interested pastoralists, government employees, traditional owners and Pilbara miners who want to learn more about the latest land management techniques and Rangelands NRM activities in the region.
Agriculture pioneer and author of ‘Back to the Brink’ Mr Peter Andrews will be on site to discuss how his Natural Sequence Farming methods can be applied in the WA rangelands to improve the landscape function, increase pastoral productivity and protect natural assets.
Rangelands NRM newly-appointed Pilbara Program Manager Dr Bill Cotching said Mr Andrews will give a practical demonstration of how water moves through the landscape.
“Several Pilbara stations are about to start applying Mr Andrews’ approach to reverse erosion, enhance productivity and increase biodiversity.”
Dr Peter Russell from the WA Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) will present the findings of a detailed study into soil carbon sequestration on Yalleen station. This research was a precursor to a new Royalties for Regions program to develop Carbon offsets for the rangelands.
“We’ll also be introducing the new ‘Pilbara Corridors’ project for the Fortescue River valley,” Dr Cotching said.
“The aim of the project is to have a whole of catchment approach to address issues such as fire management, weed management, grazing and pastoral production, indigenous culture, carbon offsets and nature conservation.”


Event Details

Tuesday 13 November, 9.30am-1.10pm
The field day will commence at the McCarthy Bore out camp at Yalleen Station at 9.30am.
Lunch will be provided on the day. RSVP: Tim Wiley 0488 159 921timw@rangelandswa.com.auLocation: 30km eastwards of Yalleen homestead, or 23 km west of the turn-off to Millstream Visitor Centre on the Yarraloola road ( Millstream to Pannawonica road.) McCarthers Bore Outcamp GPS coords: UTM E 491 423, N 7 600 894 (Zone 50K) OR  21 41’ 43.15” S  116 55’ 1.5” E
Discussions will move to Millstream National Park and participants are welcome to stay overnight at camping facilities near Millstream National Park visitor centre.


Peter Andrews and Natural Sequence Farming

Over 30 years ago, Peter Andrews bought a run-down 2000 acre grazing property called Tarwyn Park, near Bylong in the Upper Hunter Valley and created a sustainable agricultural system. His model ‘Natural Sequence Farming’ is based on the principle of reintroducing natural landscape patterns and processes as they would have existed in Australia prior to European settlement. Mr Andrews’ model restores the natural flow patterns of water across the landscape, reconnecting the stream to its flood plain, which would reintroduce a more natural hydrological and fertility cycle to that landscape. More information can be found at http://www.naturalsequencefarming.com/

Pilbara Corridors Project

This project is a joint venture of Rangelands NRM, Greening Australia and DEC funded under the federal government’s Biodiversity Fund. The work will focus on the Fortescue river wetland systems and the Hamersley and Chichester Ranges working closely with land managers: pastoralists, DEC, Traditional Owners and Pilbara miners. Work will include coordination of fire planning and management to promote carbon sequestration and reduce loss of biodiversity from large intense fires, prevention of the spread of invasive weeds and feral animals through coordinated mapping and targeted on-ground control and implementation of grazing management plans and interventions to manage heavy grazing pressure and control livestock in areas of high biodiversity value.

Rangelands NRM

Rangelands NRM WA is a not for profit, non-aligned community-based group which aims to facilitate collaboration and best practice in environmental management for land managers who want to achieve good natural resources outcomes. For more information about Rangelands NRM and their projects, visit http://www.rangelandswa.com.au/

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