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Gascoyne forum makes the connection

[Nov-Dec 2016]

A forum held on the 21-22 November at Coral Bay and Bullara Station in the Gascoyne region saw all sectors of the WA beef supply chain present where real opportunities for a sustainable beef supply chain were discussed.

A total of 65 people attended including representation from 21 pastoral properties.

The first day of presentations concluded with the Minister for Agriculture and Food, Mr Mark Lewis MLC, who highlighted his priorities for building opportunities for WA agriculture.

On the second day, the group visited Bullara Station. The use of strategic nutrition with mobile lick feeders, strategies to boost breeder performance, managing grazing distribution with Self Herding practices, rangeland monitoring were discussed.

Coordinator Dean Revell, from Revell Science said it was an opportunity to meet with and hear from others in the WA beef industry, including pastoralists, producers involved in backgrounding and finishing systems in the agricultural areas, processors, marketers and financiers.

‘One of the wonderful things that came out of the day was for people to know that there is a demand for northern cattle and northern cattle can fit the criteria for emerging and current markets and especially so if we build relationships and trust between the supply chain,” Dean said.

The program brought together activities of the Gascoyne Catchments Group (including Landcare projects supported by the Australian Government), the Mingenew Irwin Group and West Midlands Group (with projects supported by Royalties for Regions), and included the participation of Rangelands NRM, Harvey Beef, Taurindi, the WA Beef Council, the Carnarvon Regional Biosecurity Group, Rabobank, Revell Science, Stress Free Stockmanship, and Universal Initiatives.

Presentations and discussions covered:

  • a new Self Herding method ‘Rangelotting’, that can be used to provide short-term, cost-effective supplementation to increase the reproductive performance of heifers on pastoral properties?
  • how a ‘behaviourally-enhanced’ supply chain can boost animal performance at all stages of the supply chain–a new App developed by the Gascoyne Catchments Group for rangeland monitoring?
  • partnerships and alliances to link pastoral cow-calf systems to backgrounding/finishing systems in the agricultural areas, from the Mingenew Irwin Group and the West Midlands Group
  • the economics of WA supply chains from DAFWA/NBF?
  • the finishing and processing sector, from Taurindi Beef and Harvey Beef?
  • the domestic and international beef market, from Rabobank?
  • regional partnerships from Rangelands NRM and the Carnarvon Regional Biosecurity Grou

“This was an opportunity to bring people together from right across the supply chain together in the one room to share their view about their future,” said Dean.

“Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and contributions to the two days,” he said.

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