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Gunduwa Small Grants available

Application Guidelines

Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association would like to invite Community/Industry organisations who support our vision and demonstrate work towards key regional objectives to apply for the second round of small grants. No individuals or government agencies need apply.

Please read Gunduwa’s Vision and the Project Guidelines, these guidelines also provide information on the delivery of funded projects.

Gunduwa Vision & Scope 

Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association Objective is to enhance biodiversity and sustainability values across the Region in accordance with the Plan.  The Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association is funded by Mount Gibson Iron and Asia Iron as part of their environmental offset package – details contained in Ministerial Statement 753.

Gunduwa is defined by the region as the area bordered by Beacon, Wubin, Morawa and Payne’s Find. The region contains the botanical transitional zone between the woodlands of the wheat belt and the expansive mulga zone of the interior. The Great Northern Highway between the Wubin and Payne’s Find transects country rich in natural diversity, farms, pastoral lands, woodlands, salt lakes, shrub lands, and the banded iron and greenstone hills of the surrounding rangelands.

On-ground Action

Gunduwa encourages local projects that engage and futher inspire individuals and groups to undertake work or research in the region. Some resources will be used immediately to support these projects.

Application Details and Guidelines

[Download Project Template]

  • Applications must be received by 31st March 2015 these can be sent to info@gunduwa.org.au or the postal address below.
  • Applicants must be within the Gunduwa Region see Business Plan.
  • You can apply for up to $30,000 per project.
  • Funding must be expended in 12 months

The projects will begin once the Management Group have approved the application and a written approval letter has been received and signed by the organisation.

Reporting requirements

1st Report – Presentation at the Gunduwa Regional Conservation General Meeting. Presentation should outline project and detail contribution to the regions biodiversity and sustainability. Once completed and invoice has been received 50% can be paid towards your project.

2nd Report – Written Report. Update of project. Once completed and invoice has been received 30% can be paid towards your project.

3rd Report – Presentation at a Community Forum. Venue and date to be determined.

4th Report – Final presentation and media release for project. Present outcomes of project and discuss opportunities that have been identified as a result of the project. Once completed and invoice has been received 20% can be paid towards your project. Final Payment.

Assessment Process

Applications will be assessed by the Management Group. Projects will be ranked and awarded funds based on this assessment and the availability of funding. Each submission will be assessed on the questions contained in the application form.

If you have any queries please contact:

Jude Cusworth
PO Box 331 Perenjori WA 6620
Email: info@gunduwa.org.au
Phone: 0429 647 506


Luke Bayley
Chair of Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association
0427 495 772

A confirmation email will be sent when your application has been received.

Assessment by the Management Group will not be completed until the end of April. You will then receive notification whether your project has been successful or not.