How we work

If we work together … we can achieve better results.

We believe in creating common agendas, aligning work effort and thinking, and building trust. This means getting everyone who has a stake in the rangelands on the same page.

Rangelands NRM is increasingly being valued for its unique position as a neutral facilitator.

Everyone ultimately has the same problems, but maybe different ways or ideas on how to deal with them. If we get people together to talk about this, and agree on key things that need to be worked on and the approach, then we have a better chance at making a difference. It’s important to build trust amongst everyone, and this is where we at Rangelands NRM can  help by connecting people, even those who don’t usually talk to each other.

We adopt a triple-bottom-line approach by considering social, environmental and financial factors to build a sustainable solution. The work often comprises multiple tenures, outcomes, stakeholders and management regimes each with their own specific objectives and challenges and consequently, high levels of engagement with key stakeholder groups is a central component.

By bringing people together to share ideas and collaborate, we can make a difference over vast areas.

If we work together … Connect, Coordinate, and Deliver … we can achieve better results.

Rangelands NRM can help to get things done. We can connect people and projects so that real solutions can develop. We can coordinate effort and resources so that the maximum results are achieved on the ground. We can work with you guys and other organisations to deliver on ground results.