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Implementing on-ground works increases capacity in the Mount Magnet

Rangeland rehydration and soil conservation work has been undertaken to build further capacity of Rangeland Fibre and Produce (RFP) group members in the Southern Rangelands.

This has been through the implementation of on ground works in previously identified priority areas.

With support from Rangelands NRM, the Rangelands Fibre and Produce Association invited soil conservation experts Col Stanton and Hugh Pringle to visit the region in March-April 2018.

Mez Clunies-Ross Rangelands NRM Southern Rangelands Project Manager said this project builds upon the previous sessions conducted in the local area in August 2017 with Hugh Pringle but this time around, included Mr Col Stanton working with pastoralists as well.

“We are assisting land managers that are ready to conduct works and require onsite guidance,” she said.

Six Rangeland Fibre and Produce group member properties took part from the Mount Magnet area of Murchison region in the southern rangelands: Boodgardie, Yoweragabbie, Edah, Challa, Wogarno and Meeline stations.

“The works used passive methods (sieve structures) and machinery for major earthworks to create diversion or check banks, whoaboys etc.

She said each station was able to utilise Col or Hugh for however long it took to get some minor or major earthworks done, this was for either a few days or over a week.

“This project was not run like my usual workshops that I carry out, this was special, as I got to work closely with each of them to help them read and listen to the landscape, at the same time imparting knowledge to each other,” Mr Stanton said.

“They have the movie, I only saw the pictures so their local knowledge was very valuable”.

“They now have the ability to identify the causes (not the problem) when planning and undertaking soil erosion control works” Mr Stanton said.

“Having Col here was extremely useful, beneficial and educational. He takes you through the process well. It would be great to have him back,” Angus Nichols from Edah station said.

[Video – Henry Jones at Boogardie Station]

“Having Hugh Pringle working with the group again and the fresh news eyes of Col Stanton has been really valuable and it’s been great to have both their expertise,” Mez said.

“The facilitation of on ground supervision and advice by Col and Hugh has significantly contributed to catchment rehydration improvements, soil conservation, feed promotion and confidence in future on ground works by these local pastoralists.”

“This has helped ensure improved planning and implementation resulting in greater economic investment through land improvement and native pasture regeneration/soil stabilisation and conservation,” she said.