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Inaugural competition to showcase Pilbara’s stock handling skills

Media Release

Pastoralists will get the chance to demonstrate their stock handling skills and learn from other teams in the inaugural Pilbara Livestock Handling Cup later this month at Yarrie Station in the Pilbara.

The event, which will start on Friday 29 July with an Information Sharing Field Day, and follow up with the competition on Saturday 30 July, aims to foster the idea that stockmanship is a profession and an art.

Stock handling PilbaraIt’s the first of its kind in Australia and probably the world, says Boyd Holden from Holden Agricultural Management Services, who has delivered stock handling training throughout Australia and overseas, and worked closely with the National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council in 2012 to develop training and assessment programs for feedlots and saleyards.

“As far as stockmanship events go, others have invariably included horses and dogs. This event focuses purely on the direct relationship between humans and cattle, “Mr Holden said.

Teams of three will compete against each other to demonstrate a number of livestock handling activities that will be similar to typical cattle handling situations during mustering, yarding and loading cattle on pastoral stations.

Pastoralists, cattle industry reps, consultants, regional groups and State agencies are invited to attend to display and talk about products, projects and ideas over the two-day period.

Owner and manager of Yarrie Station, Annabelle Coppin said how we handle, train or educate livestock is an intrinsic part of how cattle and people interact and the better we are at doing this the better we are at looking after the landscape.

“As producers we always should be practicing and improving good solid stockmanship as it is strongly correlated to high animal welfare outcomes for cattle. We also hope this cup will build a sense of pride in stations teams to high stockmanship and also encourage new skills and ideas to be shared amongst each other.”

The competition will be judged by top livestock handling trainer and consultant, Boyd Holden.

“Educating livestock has a number of intrinsic benefits, including improving the ease of handling, ensuring the safety of stockhandlers, and safeguarding our high standards of animal welfare. This systematic approach to good stockmanship also includes becoming more effective communicators with other people in the industry’s supply chain in order to get consistency with how the livestock are handled at all stages from paddock to plate,” Mr Holden said.

The inaugural Pilbara Livestock Handling Cup will comprise of four main components 1) Droving and holding a mob up; 2) Drafting or sorting cattle; 3) Obstacle course; and 4) Communication.

Rangelands NRM Pilbara Program Manager Chris Curnow said the event will also enable the sharing of experiences and knowledges amongst peers and stockhandlers alike.

“It’s a great networking opportunity and a chance to discuss ideas about how to work together better,” he said.

The Cup will be held at Yarrie Station in the Pilbara from 29-30 July, and is run by the De Grey LCDC with support from Rangelands NRM through funding from the National Landcare Programme, DAFWA Northern Beef Futures Project, Royalties for Regions and MLA Donor Company, and event sponsorship from Primaries,Territory Rural and Goad Livestock/Landmark.

Overnight camping is encouraged. Catering will be provided for main meals from the Friday lunch to Sunday breakfast. BYO alcoholic drinks.

For more information, contact:

•      Bill Currans – 0488 383 449 – currans@mcmedia.com.au

•      Annabelle Coppin – 0428 956 692

•      Boyd Holden – 0429 653 280

•      More information visit https://www.facebook.com/De-Grey-LCDC-361872487351333/?fref=ts



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Image: Mustered cattle.

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