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Infographics used to educate about nutrients in the Bay

[August 2014]

A series of infographics explaining how to build and maintain a coastal garden have been designed to educate the Broome public about reducing nutrients running into Roebuck Bay.

The Roebuck Bay Working Group Inc. (RBWG Inc.) with help from the Society of Kimberley Indigenous Plants and Animals (SKIPA) and support from Rangelands NRM, has developed a simple Gardening the Roebuck Bay Friendly Way card.

RBWG Inc. Project Manager Kandy Curran said the attractive cards provide simple illustrations on how to have a coastal garden that helps preserve the marine environment for dugongs, fish stocks and marine life.

“In Broome, it makes a lot of sense to use a coastal gardening approach that reduces nutrients from entering Roebuck Bay and keeps the productive waters surrounding the town free of toxic blooms of Lyngbya,” Ms Curran said.

These blooms thrive on nutrients from dissolved fertilisers, garden waste, animal faeces and sewerage. Coastal gardening is simply, trapping rainwater, growing plants that do not require fertiliser and mulching heavily.

As well as being distributed as cards, the infographics are also shared on the RBWG Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/roebuckbay.

“The first series of infographics on Roebuck Bay’s shorebirds, focused on their feeding ecology and epic migration – during their migration,” Ms Curran said.

The current series features dugongs, seagrass, dolphins and Lyngbya, with the underlying message, to use a coastal gardening approach to reduce Lyngbya blooms and keep near shore waters clean.

Roebuck Bay Working Group Inc.

The Roebuck Bay Working Group, which formed ten years ago, is now incorporated (25/07/2104). A clear advantage, apart from providing some legal protection, is the ability to apply for a much wider range of public and private funding to continue RBWG Inc’s outstanding work. An insurance package will allow a wider suite of works to be undertaken.

Image: An example of the ˜Gardening the Roebuck Bay Friend Way’ infographic card.