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Kimberley Database shares environmental resources

A database resource has been set up in the Kimberley to share environmental literature for the region.

Hosted by Environs Kimberley, and maintained by members, the database is open to anyone but especially those who use and write environmental reports and articles about the Kimberley.

Project Coordinator at Environs Kimberley Malcolm Lindsay said ideally it will not only be a database.

“It will also be a platform for the community of people working in the Kimberley environment to seek references, inquire about any past work and even collaborate,” he said.

Mr Lindsay said for that purpose, they will try to maintain an updated contacts list for group emails.

The resource has been created as not all Kimberley organisations or ranger groups have paid access to science journals.

Additionally, much of the work in the region is via consultant reports and there is a high level of turnover of staff in the region meaning things are frequently re-invested.

The database will utilise the open source referencing platform called Zotero (www.zotero.org) and will be stored in the cloud. Zotero is free to use if only storing up to 300MB of references.

“This means if I add a reference then everyone will be able to see it, it also means everyone can delete references, so care and community responsibility will be needed,” Mr Lindsay said.

Mr Lindsay added, Zotero is easy to learn to use, with active forum and many guides.

“Tags and Notes can be attached to references for easy storing and categorizing.”

He said people can get on board by downloading Zotero, installing it and registering an account.

“Once set up, email knp@environskimberley.org.au to let us know you want to link in, and we will send you an invite to join the Kimberley Database,” Mr Lindsay said.

If you have any ideas, recommendations, changes, questions, people who want to join etc. then please get in contact with the team.

The database was funded by the State Government’s Natural Resource Management Program.