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Kimberley land mangers gain useful insights following trials

Feedback from Kimberley pastoralists undertaking small land management trials indicates they have gained useful insights into various land management and land rehabilitation techniques.

These projects, funded through Rangelands NRM, aimed to trial activities with environmental benefits as well as benefits to the pastoral business in terms of increased production, decreased costs or improved convenience or in other words win-win activities.

Mel McDonald, Landcare Facilitator at Rangelands NRM said those involved took part in two meetings which utilised both phone and web conference facilities to share firstly what they intended to do and secondly whether things had gone to plan.

“The first meeting in November 2012 involved photos illustrating the area to be treated and/or activity to be undertaken rolling on the computer screen while participants talked through their plans,” Mrs McDonald said.

In the instant feedback survey at the end of the meeting participants indicated that they would be keen to take part in these types of meetings in the future, would like to open the meetings to anyone who was interested rather than just those undertaking projects and would be keen to take part in similar meetings with guess speakers talking about a particular project or topic.

Mrs McDonald said the second meeting, held in May 2013, included a few additional people to those involved in the first meeting with those who undertook trials describing what had gone well and what they had learned from what did not go so well.

Feedback from participants was that it was useful and enjoyable hearing about the trials others had been undertaking.

“They had gained useful insights into various land management and land rehabilitation techniques being undertaken in the Kimberley and had an improved understanding of the issues faced by the projects and ways in which they could be avoided in the future,” Mrs McDonald said.