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Many voices, one future – Adapting to climate change in northern Australia – 7 Nov 2012

You are invited to a climate change workshop that will bring together members of the community, local leaders, climate experts and university researchers to discuss the potential climatic changes facing Broome.
Recent research that has investigated the potential for adaptation within indigenous communities across northern Australia will also be presented.
Presentations include:
  • University Researchers: Recent research in terms of local risks (Broome/West Kimberley) and likely coastal changes (cyclones, sea level rises, erosion etc).
  • Bureau of Meteorology – Broome Met. Office: Recent data in relation to change in local climate.
  • Broome locals – How climate change is effecting local people.
This will be followed by an interactive workshop where, you will have the chance to share your views and ask questions.
For more info contact: Jimmy Dobson, 9192 5507 | email: jamesd@rangelandswa.com.au
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