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NAIDOC day visit to Rangelands Primary School

On Thursday 5 July, 2012, our Indigenous Facilitator Bevan Gray attended his old primary school – Rangeway PS in Geraldton – to deliver the NAIDOC day speech to students, parents/citizens, guests and staff. His message was about how influential dedication to studies can be in the future and how opportunities begin to flow through sound knowledge. Having the required marks to advance into high school was heavily encouraged.

Bevan was asked to give a speech, and he presented the following poem. This message is now displayed in each classroom at the school.


What does Rangeway, in letters, mean to me?

R = Reading & writing. It’s the greatest skill of all. Read and write well and your life will become much easier.
A = Arithmetic. It’s the greatest thrill of all and it will rule your life one day so give maths a real go. Maths is everywhere.
N = Nurture. Rangeway has created a beautiful place for caring and sharing.
G = Guidance. Rangeway PS staff & teachers have that role and this must be respected. Just like a parent.
E = Experience. Strong teaching through living and learning paves the way. Rangeway PS does this very well.
W = Wisdom. Rangeway PS teaches right from wrong and what is good or bad. This makes me a better person.
A = Acceptance. Understanding differences in people leads to a respect to care for others. Rangeway is very good at being multi-cultural.
Y = You & me. That’s because Rangeway to all of us is family.

This is an Ode to Rangeway Primary School by Bevan Gray (a student from 1969 to 1975). He was a Student Councillor 1974-5 and then Captain of Blue faction 1975.

When people ask me “how did I get to where I am today” the answer is easy to say. It is because of the place I was educated, where I learnt and played. It’s my primary school. Yes it is Mighty Rangeway.

Bevan Gray
July 2012


For more information, contact Bevan Gray