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New executive support for Pilbara Regional Biosecurity Group

Money allocated from the WA State NRM office will go towards employing a part-time executive office for the Pilbara Regional Biosecurity Group (RBG).

Coordinated through Rangelands NRM, the funds will be used by the group to build capacity and enable them to access financial and technical support for effective natural resource management (NRM).

The Pilbara RBG is one of seven recipients of the community funding.

“The $16,500 of funds will be used for executive officer/facilitator wages to be employed on a part time basis, plus general running costs, Dr Bill Cotching,” Rangelands NRM Program Manager (Pilbara) said.

This position will fill a priority area and fills a current gap required to administer projects funded from the Pilbara Corridors project.

The Pilbara RBG will employ their own executive support officer who will:

  • Record minutes of Group meetings
  • Ensure payment of accounts & prepare financial statements
  • Coordinate community NRM engagement outcomes / workshops / events
  • Apply for funds to ultimately pay for their position through the administration component of projects.

For more information, please contact Dr Bill Cotching on email or phone 08 9144 2800