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New land management trials for Kimberley pastoralists

Rangelands NRM is working with a number of Kimberley pastoralists to trial activities with potential for improved land management.

Landcare Facilitator for the Northern Rangelands Mel McDonald said the trial activities aim to benefit the environment as well as the pastoral business in terms of increased production, decreased costs or improved convenience.

“The funding offered to pastoralists reduces the financial risk of trying something new.'” Mel said.

“Even if a technology has been proven elsewhere it does not mean that it will work in every area or on every property. There is always risk involved in committing time, money and resources to try something that you have not done before.”

Two of the projects will trial techniques to prevent, reduce or ameliorate erosion. One project aims to halt erosion on fragile soils while the other will trial an alternative to traditional grading of fence lines and firebreaks.

Three other projects will test different techniques for improving water infiltration, ground cover and soil health.

“Those undertaking the trials have committed to sharing their results with other pastoralists and sharing their successes and failures,” Mel said.

“By learning from each other and avoiding making the same mistakes, everyone can move faster towards activities which benefit both business and the environment.”