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New look for Pilbara Corridors

[September 2014]

The Pilbara Corridors project has a new look logo for its activities in the Pilbara’s Fortescue Catchment.

Pilbara Corridors Program Manager Ian Cotton said the refreshed logo builds on Pilbara Corridors’ existing brand with an updated style, whilst maintaining the brand’s integrity.

“This will help us to transition into an initiative that reflects our Pilbara focus, and align us with all corporate partners,” he said.

The new look reflects the connectivity and collaboration between the land, its uses and the partners in projects that all come together to create Pilbara Corridors.

“The symbolic shape represents eucalyptus leaves and reflects the colours of the Pilbara,” Mr Cotton said.

Over the next few weeks the logo is being progressively introduced across our communications, and a new website will be launched.

“This is an exciting milestone for the Pilbara Corridors project and is a major shift towards establishing ourselves as a leading organisation in natural resource management,” Mr Cotton said.