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New partnership with ChemCentre provides expert carbon analysis

ChemCentre, the WA Government Laboratory based in Perth has partnered with Rangelands NRM to provide expert analytical services of field samples collected as part of the Carbon Awareness Program funded through Royalties for Regions.

ChemCentre provides NATA-certified, highly professional analytical services at the scale required by our field campaigns where many hundreds of soil and vegetation samples from particular land systems are collected for analysis each year.

Rangelands Senior Scientist Dr Peter Russell said a core part of the program is the undertaking of demonstration projects with participating pastoralists and others.

“Previous to this project, two sites were sampled: one land system on Yalleen rotational grazing, (2011); and three land systems on Muggon CR de-stocked (2012),” he said.

From 2013, two demonstration sites are to be undertaken each year with additional field days also planned.

One land system on Meka ‘total grazing control trial’ has been sampled so far and sampling on one land system of Yoweragabbie de-stocking and rehabilitation of selected areas is underway during August 2013.

“During the sampling, an open field day is held where people can observe how the sampling is carried out and have the opportunity to ask questions,” Dr Russell said.

The program aims to increase awareness of the opportunities, benefits and risks for pastoralists and other land managers and custodians in the WA rangelands who are considering participation in carbon farming activities.

ChemCentre has been a key participant in all of these projects and earlier rangeland carbon projects undertaken by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA) such as the Carbon Capture Project (2009-10).

“Without ChemCentre’s expert analytical services, the Carbon Awareness Program would not be able to undertake its land system characterisation studies,” Dr Russell said.

ChemCentre’s analysis is essential to provide the fundamental, sound science-based information that is required by land managers considering carbon farming and the co-benefits that might accrue from appropriate carbon abatement activities.

The Carbon Awareness Program will run until 2016.

Filming is also currently underway to produce a video showing the carbon sample processing and analysis.

For more information, contact Dr Peter Russell peterr@rangelandswa.com.au

Image: ©Sarah Lau, ChemCentre ‘ Videographer Dave Wells working on the film with scientists at ChemCentre