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New Program Manager for Pilbara Corridors Project

[July 2014]

The federally funded Pilbara Corridors project adds to its team of natural resources management specialists by appointing Environmental Scientist Ian Cotton as its new Project Manager.

Mr Cotton has more than a decade of natural resources management experience, through his previous roles in Europe, Alaska and the mid-west of Western Australia.

Mr Cotton’s extensive knowledge in operational natural resource management, environmental science, wildlife conservation, and business and project management will provide a depth of understanding of the project.

CEO of Rangelands NRM Dr Gaye Mackenzie said Mr Cotton is a great recruit for Pilbara Corridors.

“Ian brings strong project management and environmental compliance knowledge. He’ll be providing advice, running programs and ensuring work effort and funding is prioritised and coordinated to get the best outcomes for the region and all its stakeholders,” said Dr Mackenzie.

Pilbara Corridors works on landscape scale to provide a coordinated approach to managing biodiversity threats and stabilising and improving the ecosystem. It connects, and coordinates the activities of, land managers across all boundaries, including pastoral, mining, not-for-profit organisations or indigenous communities and corporations, ensuring there is a collaborative approach to land management.

The Federal Government has recognised the Fortescue River in Western Australia’s Pilbara, as a catchment area worth protecting.

Through its Biodiversity Fund, the Federal Government has recognised Pilbara Corridors as the vehicle best placed to conduct land management of the Fortescue River catchment, and has committed to supporting it for a period of five years (1 April 2012 – 30 June 2017) through a $5.7 million grant.

For more information about the Pilbara Corridors Project, contact Ian Cotton email or telephone 08 9468 8256