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Ngadju planning their future

[May 2015]

Members of Ngadju Conservation gathered in Norseman last month to deliberate on the final draft of the Conservation Action Plan they have been developing over the past 18 months.

Members of Ngadju Conservation, RNRM and Gondwana Link at Fraser RangeThe plan has been prepared with the assistance of Healthy Country planner Paula Deegan and the Gondwana Link team.

“This Conservation Action Plan for Ngadju country is a first step for Ngadju people in taking back responsibility for managing our country for conservation of the places, plants and animal that make our country healthy,” Ngadju Conservation Coordinator Les Schultz said.

Assisting Ngadju Conservation in developing their plan is an important milestone in the Malleefowl and Invasive Weeds Program provided through Gondwana Link in partnership with Rangelands NRM.

Gondwana Link’s Great Western Woodlands Program Manager Peter Price said the development of the plan is a credit to the leadership and members of Ngadju Conservation.

They are determined to lead management on their land and generate ‘on country’ employment opportunities for future generations.

The plan is due to be finalised by mid-year and will be a guide when developing management strategies for priority targets within their exclusive possession area while having the flexibility to be changed and updated as priorities and threats change over time.

Following the workshop, the group visited their traditional land at and around Fraser Range.

‘The visit was very important for Ngadju in particular some senior Elders who were able to reconnect to their traditional roots,” Les Schultz said.

The Malleefowl and Invasive Weeds Program is jointly funded by Rangelands NRM (through funding from the Australian Government), Pew Charitable Trusts and Gondwana Link.

Through this project, Ngadju are also involved fire training to manage this threat to biodiversity in the country. A video summary of the 2014 Ngadju fire training
is now available.

Images: Members of Ngadju Conservation, RNRM and Gondwana Link at Fraser Range (Photographer Jane Bradley).