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Northern Program Manager moving on

This month, we farewell one of our long-term staff members, Grey Mackay.

Grey has been Rangelands NRM’s Northern/Kimberley Program Manager since September 2013.

Having moved to Broome a year prior, Grey wanted to experience the Kimberley and settle into a new community.

Grey says he’s enjoyed being part of a great team who have been committed to making a difference for the people and communities of the rangelands.

“One of the highlights has been getting to know different people’s perspectives and helping them to make the most of what they have.”

“Through this job, I’ve also seen some amazing parts of the Kimberley and Pilbara,” he says.

One of the biggest challenges, Grey says is covering such an enormous area with so little resources.

The rangelands of WA cover 85 per cent of the state and over 2.2 million square kilometres.

That’s a lot of distance for just 11 staff to cover.

Grey says the Dampier Peninsular Collaborative Fire program was really the epitome of what we have been trying to do at Rangelands NRM.

“To play a neutral role, to facilitate people on the ground to collaborate and to see such a positive outcome so quickly showed how eager people can be to make a difference to something that is causing an issue,” he says.

“They already had 90 per cent of what they needed to do the work, it was that last 10 per cent that Rangelands NRM could help with, and the proof is in the project’s success.”
Grey says his future plans are to continue to support land managers in the WA rangelands to manage their country sustainably.

“To work with people to take care of the environment while allowing social and economic growth.”

You may cross paths with Grey in his new role with the Kimberley-Pilbara Cattleman’s Association.

So what advice does Grey offer to Rangelands NRM upon his departure?

“Don’t lose sight of why we are here,” Grey says. “As an NRM, our job is to support land managers and community to manage their own patch.”

“They are the ones who are passionate about looking after country, listen to them.”

“Do what you can to get them what they need, and they will get the job done for you.”

[Image: Grey at Introduction to Filmaking presentation in Broome ©K.Curran]