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NRM Strategy – Regional workshops

[September 2012]

Rangelands NRM is updating the Regional NRM Strategy in response to considerable changes in the funding landscape, meaning that funding must now be obtained from a variety of different sources.

The plan from 2005 is still relevant and will form the basis for the revision. The updated plan and newly-developed register of assets will be ‘live’ online and will consist of maps detailing special environmental areas or ‘assets’ within the region, as well as climate change and potential carbon sequestration opportunities. Information will be able to be updated and assets filtered in response to changes in threat levels, new information, new opportunities etc.

A series of workshops are being run with key landholders to identify what the priority NRM assets are in our rangelands region.

During the workshops, Steps 1 and 2 of the INFER framework are being used to identify assets, create an asset register for the region and define a list of criteria to identify those assets which are strong candidates for further investigation, and potential future investment.

As there was considerable input from community members across much of the region during preparation of the previous strategy, which will form the basis for the updated strategy, these workshops are targeted towards participants with good technical knowledge of the special environmental assets in their areas.

The following workshops are scheduled:

  • Kimberley (Broome, Fitzroy, Kununurra): 17-21 September 2012
  • Pilbara (Karratha, Tom Price) & Northern Desert: 29 October – 2 November 2012
  • Goldfields-Nullarbor (Kalgoorlie, Esperance): 12-16 November 2012
  • Desert rangelands (held in Perth): 19 November 2012
  • Gascoyne (Carnarvon, Cobra): 20-22 November 2012

Mel Strang from Ecoedge Consulting is coordinating the workshops, the new plan and the web resource.

If you would like to provide input into this process and are unable to attend one of the workshops, please complete an INFFER Asset Documentation [Form]. Further information is explained in the [summary document].

Contact: Rangelands NRM for more information. [Tel: 9485 8930 | Email]