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NRM training and employment resources for Aboriginal people in Pilbara

New resources outlining pathways for Aboriginal training and employment in the natural resource management (NRM) sector in the Pilbara have been produced by Rangelands NRM.

An A3 poster ‘Pathways to a career on the land’ is accompanied by a brochure outlining the necessary courses and qualifications needed to work as a pastoral station worker, in pest and weed control, as a ranger or landcare worker and in conservation earthworks.

The publications are part of the ‘Pilbara NRM Indigenous Employment and Training Strategy’, a project facilitated by Rangelands NRM.

Dr Gaye Mackenzie, Strategy and Corporate Services Manager at Rangelands NRM said the project aims to improve communication and information that is available in the area of training and employment for Aboriginal people wanting to work in the NRM field.

A number of events have already been held to provide networking and information sharing opportunities, coordinated by consultant Bev Johnson who is working on behalf of Rangelands NRM.

“In other places in Australia, there are a whole lot of projects that are going really well, but in the Pilbara, the number of Aboriginal people employed on the land has gone down in the past eight or ten years,” Ms Johnson said.

The first was a forum, held in July at Peedamulla Station, just near the town of Onlsow was organised in conjunction with Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation. It aimed to bridge the communication gap that exists between those looking for jobs and employers. Aboriginal groups, employers and training organisations met to discuss how they can work together.

The second event was held last week in Port Hedland following a Community Action Plan Workshop in the morning for people learn about innovative projects that are creating jobs for Aboriginal people on the land.

“The workshop helped participants to discover innovations in natural resource management that they can tap into and meet stakeholders in Aboriginal employment and training, business and natural resource management in the Pilbara,” Ms Johnson said.

Rangelands NRM is now hosting a web-portal for the project. The ‘Pathways’ poster and brochure can be downloaded from here as well as an additional brochure outlining ‘Training and Employment Support for Aboriginal People’ can also be found on the website.

Caption: Bev Johnson leads the workshop at Peedamulla in July (©T Belcher)