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Opportunities for support in sustainable pastoralism

[August 2015]

Western Australian rangelands pastoralists are encouraged to consider the range of opportunities for support offered by Rangelands NRM to improve practices that generate economic returns and sustain the natural resource base.

Pastoralists can get help with Ecologically Sustainable Rangeland Management (ESRM) planning, on-ground works that are identified as priority actions in ESRM plans, and trials and demonstrations of innovative practices, including rangelands self-herding techniques.

Rangelands NRM Operations Manager, John Silver said pastoralists can also access support to attend workshops and seminars, formal training courses and field days to build their skills, knowledge and leadership potential.

He said Rangelands NRM is keen to share good stories of the rangelands community looking after the land.

“We support initiatives which increase community awareness of natural resources and the importance of looking after the land,” he said.

“Rangelands NRM can provide funding and support to community and producer groups to undertake on-ground works, develop case studies, short videos, fact sheets, and information sessions or hold field days.”

Mr Silver said Rangelands NRM is working with a variety of partners to implement innovative fire management projects, learning about how cattle respond to prescriptive fire management, as well as fire history data management systems.

He invites pastoralists and producer groups to contact a Rangelands NRM office to discuss partnership and support opportunities that will enhance the sustainable management of the rangelands.

A new flyer is being distributed in rangelands communities that summaries these opportunities.

[Download flyer].

Rangelands NRM receives funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Programme.