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Pastures Condition Guide – Kimberley

This guide has been produced as a tool for assessing pasture condition over a range of pasture types in the Kimberley. A pasture type is a distinctive mix of plant species, soil type and landscape position. For example, the Mitchell Grass Alluvial Plain Pasture type is a mixture of Mitchell grasses and other species occurring on black soil alluvial plains. Pasture condition is an important factor affecting the potential of the rangelands for animal production and is a useful indicator for the sustainability of production.

The information in this publication has been developed in consultation with experienced rangelands field staff providing services to Kimberley pastoral leases and with reference to Range Condition Guides for the West Kimberley Area, WA (Payne, Kubicki and Wilcox 1974), Lands of the Ord’Victoria Area, WA and NT (Stewart et al. 1970) and Additional pasture condition guides for the west Kimberley, April 2012 (McCartney and Ryan unpublished).

This publication builds on the Pasture condition guide for the Ord River Catchment (2009) funded by Rangelands NRM through the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality. Funding for the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality was provided by the Australian and Western Australian governments.