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Pilbara NRM Indigenous Training – Projects and Opportunities

Commonwealth Government

The Australian Government has a long history of working with Indigenous people, particularly in natural resource management and heritage related activities.

Indigenous Carbon Farming Fund

Funded under the Clean Energy Future, Land Sector Package, the Indigenous Carbon Farming Fund will provide $22.3m over five years to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to participate in the Carbon Farming Initiative. [Read more]

Caring for our Country

Opportunities available through Caring for our Country include Indigenous-specific programs: Working on Country, Indigenous Protected Areas, Reef Rescue Indigenous Land and Sea Country Partnerships and the Indigenous Emissions Trading commitment. Other elements of Caring for our Country include the Business Plan open call each year, the regional NRM body base level funding and Community Action Grants.[Read more]

Working on Country

The Working on Country Indigenous ranger program continues to deliver successful environmental outcomes and address Indigenous disadvantage. Working on Country delivers significant environmental outcomes across remote and regional Australia, including improved management of fire, feral animals, invasive weeds, threatened species and coastal and marine systems. [Read more]

Indigenous Protected Areas

An Indigenous Protected Area is an area of Indigenous-owned land or sea where traditional owners have entered into an agreement with the Australian Government to promote biodiversity and cultural resource conservation. Indigenous Protected Areas protect Australia’s biodiversity while providing training and employment for Aboriginal people on their own country. The Indigenous Protected Areas are helping to close the gap of Indigenous disadvantage, with communities reporting better health, social cohesion and higher school attendance. [Read more]

Indigenous Heritage Program

The Indigenous Heritage Program is an Australian Government initiative that supports the identification, conservation, and promotion (where appropriate) of Indigenous heritage. [Read more]

Indigenous Land Management Facilitators

Caring for our Country Indigenous Land Management Facilitators work at a state or territory level, and have a detailed understanding of Caring for our Country and other related NRM policies and programs. Their role is to help governments, regional bodies, landcare and community groups, and other natural resource management organisations understand the opportunities through Caring for our Country, to support program and project delivery and to inform policy makers on regional issues. [Read more]

Indigenous Advisory Committee (IAC)

IAC the Indigenous Advisory Committee is a statutory committee advising the Minister in the operation of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 (EPBC Act), taking into account the significance of Indigenous people’s knowledge of the management of land and the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity Membership of the IAC is based on expertise in Indigenous land management, conservation and cultural heritage management. [Read more]

Sea Country

Sea Country Plans help Indigenous communities describe their objectives for the use, conservation and management of sea country and to work with others to achieve them. A Sea Country Plan seeks to marry Indigenous community priorities and aspirations with those of others with an interest in sea country, including government. The process of sea country planning is about encouraging people and organisations to work together towards sustainable management of marine environments. [Read more]

Grants and funding

There are a number of programs that offer funding and grants for national, regional and local environmental projects. [Read more]


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