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Pilbara Pasture Identification Workshops planned for April 2014

A series of Pasture Identification Workshops aiming to deliver simple, key components of grazing management to local pastoralists will be held in the Pilbara in April 2014,

Sponsored by the Pilbara Corridors project, the workshops will be led by Andrew Mitchell and tailored to suit pastoralists in the west, central and eastern Pilbara.

Greening Australia’s Pilbara Corridors Project Coordinator Mary-Anne Clunies-Ross said the one day workshops will provide pastoralists with key information and hands-on practical experience in identifying and managing pasture species at a local level.

“Pastoralists will be given the opportunity to gain the skills to identify native pasture species (grasses and shrubs) on their own properties, better understand the relationship between different soil types and plant species expected to occur in these particular areas,” Ms Clunies-Ross said.

It will also enable them to understand and identify indicator species related to land condition in lieu of the 2015 Rangeland Condition Monitoring scheme.

No admission fee will be charged to attendees and food and drinks will be catered for.

A three day Grazing Land Management (GLM) workshop for land managers will also be held in the Pilbara during April 2014.

Rangelands NRM’s Pilbara Corridors Program Manager Dr Bill Cotching said this workshop is based on others delivered in WA but is tailored specifically for the Pilbara by Meat and Livestock Australia and is delivered in association with local DAFWA staff.

The course will assist land managers to assess the condition of their paddocks and improve their carrying capacity; understand the relationships between pasture, water, soils, woodlands, biodiversity, fire and weeds; and determine the financial impact of a range of grazing management options.

The workshop consists of seven modules and a locally-relevant case study property is used to explore different management options.

“You will help the owners of the case study property solve their management issues and develop a grazing land management (GLM) plan.  At the end of each session you will work on your own issues and begin developing your own GLM plans,” Dr Cotching said.

For more information contact Mary-Anne Clunies-Ross (Greening Australia) on 08 9144 2922 or Bill Cotching (Rangelands NRM) on 08 9144 2800