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Pilbara Ranger Coordinators share ideas and training opportunities

[October 2014]

Ranger Coordinators from two groups in the Pilbara met last month to share experiences and plan training together to achieve ranger capacity for working on Country.

Ngurrawaana Ranger Coordinator Shane Gallagher and Tom Price Ranger Coordinator Shandell Raddock met with Pilbara Corridors Program Manager Ian Cotton and Greening Australia WA training providers to discuss Certificate II Conservation and Land Management (CLM), on 19 September.

Mr Cotton said Shane and Shandell have been instrumental in liaising, sharing experiences, knowledge, and planning training together to achieve ranger capacity for working on Country.

“Ngurrawaana Rangers have been operating successfully for a number of years whilst the Tom Price Rangers are starting up,” he said.

Sharing and the willingness to exchange ideas helps promote good relationships and an environment to ensure rangers gain qualifications suitable for their needs.

“Training is organised to be practical and of interest to the rangers with input from senior rangers an important focus,” Mr Cotton said.

Kingsley Woodley, a senior ranger from Ngurrawaana took part in discussions on training to build towards the outcome of 12 rangers gaining Certificate II CLM qualifications.

For more information, contact Ian Cotton on  0402 459 055

Photo [L-R] Mike Clark, Greening Australia, Shane Gallagher, Ngurrawaana Conservation and Environment Manager, Kingsley Woodley, Senior Ranger Ngurrawaana Rangers, Shandell Raddock, Tom Price Ranger Coordinator, Simon Liddell, Barefoot Training (©ICotton)